Learning How To Quit Smoking Pot


Marijuana abuse

The American Journal of Epidemiology published a three year study that followed slightly over four thousand psychosis free people and concluded that pot smokers are three times more likely to bring about psychotic symptoms than non smokers. Another similar study that was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry followed nearly two thousand people for sixteen years and found out that those that smoked marijuana were four times at risk to develop depression. These are informative facts that should have you wanting to learn how to quit smoking pot. There are various people that have a cannabis addiction where they are dependent on this substance each and every day. This is not only detrimental for the lungs, but also has long term effects such as those listed above. Read up on how to quit smoking pot to fix the problem before matters get worse.

Those that are dependent on this substance should seek to join a marijuana addiction program that will teach them better ways to cope with quitting. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health stated that in 2009 twenty eight and a half million Americans twelve and up had used marijuana in the previous year. Even further, about eleven and a half percent of Americans have smoked weed in the past year. The website drugabuse.gov states that thirty percent of Americans arrested for marijuana related incidents were less than nineteen years old. This goes to show you that many people start smoking early, which will make it even hard to learn how to quit smoking pot without any help.

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