Learn About Commercial Roofing Services


The International Building Codes (IBC) can be intimidating and time-consuming to navigate. In a brief YouTube video titled ‘Introduction to Commercial Roofing Edge Detail Requirements,’ Daniel Lakstins of the Roofing Business Builder provides an overview of IBC, emphasizing commercial roofing services such as coping caps, roofing parapet walls, and waterproofing.

Looking at chapter 15 of the IBC, Lakstins highlights the features and elements involved in waterproofing and commercial roofing service.

Video Source

According to Chapter 15, weatherproof materials that are non-combustible should be used in coping with the parapet walls.

According to Laskins, most of the time, the coping caps are metallic, although new technologies incorporate TPOs, PVC, and plastic coping caps. However, the waterproof membrane is put on top of the coping cap when it comes to the waterproof membrane. However, using a PVC or a thermoplastic single ply, you do not need a waterproof membrane.

The video also highlights the importance of edge securement, especially for single-ply roof systems with metal edges or low slope buildup that are modified. The installation of the edge securement materials needs to be tested for wind resistance according to the IBC.

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