How Do Runaway Shelters Operate?


Runaway Shelters serve many purposes. They take in people who are homeless out on the street or can also be a safe space for victims of domestic abuse. Shelters can be a permanent housing facility, supportive housing facility, or workforce housing facility.

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Keep reading to learn more about what runaway shelters do.

What is workforce housing? Workforce housing is affordable housing for people who make up to 50% AMI or area median income. Workforce housing is also sometimes referred to as affordable housing.

Runaway shelters create a safe space for people in need. Most employees or volunteers of runaway shelters have a background where they experienced some level of trauma, which helps them to relate and connect with people who come into the shelter.

Many runaway shelters also have programs. This could be a safe space outside to spend time and enjoy nature, or support groups. Typically, runaway shelters have various support groups for different types of trauma.

Many people don’t realize how important shelters are for taxpayers. Taxpayer dollars pay when people are out on the street, so getting them inside a shelter can both save their life and your taxpayer dollars.


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