Immediate Water Damage Restoration Is Key


Clean smoke damage

Water and fire damage is financially and structurally devastating. Water damage can occur due to washing machines, leaky pipes, water heaters, floods, or rain and snow. Fire and smoke damage can occur due to electrical fires, gas stove fires, or fires caused by other sources. It is essential to begin water fire restoration as soon as possible.
Some companies provide a water fire restoration combination, which makes finding a restoration company easier.

Mold from water damage is very common. After water damage, mold and mildew spread after only a few days. Mold clean up and mold treatment are important to the structure of the house but also the health of its inhabitants. Black mold and mildew are often toxic and especially dangerous to those with compromised immune systems or allergies. You can always look up how to remove black mold, but self removal will likely not remove the mold in the safest and most effective way.

Water damage clean up costs are very high. Not only does water damage create mold but carpets will need extensive cleaning, and personal belongings may need replacing. From 2007 to 2009 water damage caused 9.1 billion dollars in annual homeowner policy property losses. If you need assistance with water damage and home insurance, look up “how to claim water damage with home insurance”. This will lead you in the direction you need.

Fourteen percent of water delivered is lost to leaks in the average residential home. Nearly 93 percent of the costs of water damage could be prevented if homes had an automatic shut off system or an automatic water leak detection system.

It is imperative that water and fire damage restoration begin sooner than later so further damages do not occur. Learn more.

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