How to Protect Metal From Corrosion


Corrosion is a problem that affects many industries. In many cases, it can’t be avoided, but it can be stalled. Corrosion is what happens when things rust. As they get old and are exposed to the elements, rust starts to form, and this gradually breaks down the metal. There are many corrosion protection methods out there to try to slow down this process, extending the life of the metal. In this video, you will learn about rust prevention and treatment.

Video Source

The video will first explain how rust forms and how corrosion happens. The combination of water and oxygen, which is found in the natural environment, is what kickstarts the process of corrosion. Rust can be prevented by painting the metal because the paint acts as a protective layer. Grease and oil also work for parts of the metal that can’t be painted. There are also methods such as galvanizing which works great on ships that spend a lot of time submerged in water.


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