How to Make a Neon LED Custom Sign Design


Whether you want to add something new and captivating to your business or an eye-catching detail to your front door, a neon custom sign design might be what you need. Neon signs are trendy and beautiful, a creative way to advertise and captivate the attention of everyone nearby. If you want to craft a neon custom sign design, you are in the right place, as we’ll teach you how to make one from scratch.

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The first step to making a custom sign design is to craft a simple frame sign or shadowbox. The frame will serve as the basis for our design, as you’ll put lasers or LEDs in to make your sign spark. A crucial step when making the frame sign is to add measures to mount the power switch and connectors, as these elements will power your LEDs. After you finish your custom sign or shadowbox, assemble them and add the polarized glass. The glass will make your LEDs stand out and protect them from outside elements.

After you assemble your sign, you only have to add painting and connect your LED design. Enjoy a colorful sign that will make your property stand out.


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