Daily Practices for Elevator Maintenance


If you are a building owner or manager, you already know that elevators are essential to residents and employees. By practicing preventative maintenance on a daily basis, you can reduce the likelihood of breakdowns. While most preventative maintenance must be performed by a licensed elevator repair service, there are a few things you can do as well to keep your elevators in good condition.

Firstly, clean the elevator door tracks. The presence of dirt and debris is the singularly most common cause of problems that result in service calls.

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While you are in there, check the elevator car for broken lights, handrails, and anything irregular.

Second, quickly test that the door sensors are working properly. When the door is closing, put your arm in front of it and make sure the doors pull back. A broken or damaged sensor is potentially very dangerous to people using the elevator.

Also, make sure you are checking the service room every day for abnormal smells, sounds, and signs of oil leakage. The room itself should be kept at room temperature, with proper ventilation and little to no humidity.

Lastly, check the leveling of the elevator car with the floor it is on. If the car is not level, there is a problem and your service company should be called.

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