How is Steel Made?


Steel is a strong and durable material. We use it in steel buildings, cars, and appliances. Each year, 1864 million tons of steel are produced worldwide.

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However, how does iron ore get turned into steel? In this video, you will learn how steel is made.

The process starts with the mining of iron ore. Iron ore is excavated out of the ground and brought to a facility. In this facility, the elemental iron is removed using magnetic rollers. The elemental iron is then grouped into clumps for cooking. This iron is cooked in a blast furnace. A blast furnace is an extremely hot furnace which is needed for cooking iron. However, there is yet another ingredient for steel. Coal is cooked in a furnace as well until it becomes a raw form of carbon known as coke. This coke is then mixed with the iron in the blast furnace to create pig iron. Next, additives such as Chromium, Cobalt, and Titanium are added to the pig iron. This gives the pig iron different traits which can be seen in the steel at the end. Lastly, this molten steel alloy is put into casters to take on its final form as a steel beam.


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