Sewer Line Installation Instructions In Bakersfield


Sewer line installation is pretty much a standard procedure in most countries. It usually involves the sequential procedure of excavation, installation of pipes in the trench, and backfilling—the video documents a live site sewer line installation in Bakersfield. The understanding of the procedure based on the video is briefly explained below.

Video Source

The first step in the sewer line installation is excavation along the desired trench line. This step is preceded by due calculations of slope, elevation, and pipe thickness chosen for installation. The process is mechanically driven using excavators that lower the sand into truck storage units. After a reasonable length of the road is dug, the site engineers carry forward the process with pipe laying. This involves an initial sand bedding layout and then lowering of pipes. One can see from the video that there are two sets of pipes. One of these has an O-ring marking that is inserted into the pipe ahead post a coat of lubricant.

When extended along the complete trench line, this procedure is also subjected to a functionality test. Once satisfied, the backfilling of the trench is put into force. Hence, sewer line installation is a careful task that needs to have calculated organization, spot-on team coordination, and constant inspection.

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