Dos and Donts for Finishing Your Hardwood Floors


Are you thinking about tackling hardwood floor refinishing? If so, then tune in to watch this video. This video goes over how to refinish your hardwood floors DIY style.

First things first, you’ll need to grab a few supplies for your DIY project. You will need plastic sheeting, a pry bar, hammer, finishing nails, wood putty and a putty knife, drum sander, grit, vibrating sander, and edge sander.

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This might seem like a long list of tools but you can easily purchase all of the supplies at local hardware stores like home depot or lowes. You may even already own some of the basic tools on the list.

After you’ve gathered all the equipment you need, you’re ready to begin your hardwood floor refinishing. The first thing you will need to do is remove all shoe molding that runs along your floor so that your sander doesn’t damage it. The next thing you’ll do is fix any loose floorboards and fill any existing holes. The third step is to contain the dust by sealing all doorways with your plastic sheeting. Now, you’re ready to rough sand your floor. After you’ve rough sanded your flooring, you will need to sweep and vacuum any dust or debris left behind. Finally, it’s time to fine-sand your floor and add your finishing. Your floors will look brand-new in no time.


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