DIY Broken Window Repairs That Can Save You Money


This DIY video shows Jordan Smith teaching viewers how broken window repairs can be done by themselves to save money. This window, which is an Andersen 100, has a hole in it because something came flying through it. Repairing this window is a similar process to most other windows.

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You need masking tape, a screwdriver, and a soft rubber mallet for this repair. You may also need a scraper, razor blade, and a pry bar. The first step is to cut away the silicone to remove the window. You have a cool knife with a short blade. You will need silicone for this job.

Next, you want to tape the inside of the window because when you remove it, you have to refill the window opening with silicone. Keep in mind the silicone is sticky and difficult to clean. You also want to tape where the window is broken. As you push out the window, it will break more. There could be shards and might cause a spiderweb. The tape helps to prevent the window from shattering into pieces.

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