A Quick Guide On How To Identify Air Compressor Parts


Air compressors contain several parts that must be repaired, can break down, or become unclean. When you own an air compressor or are considering purchasing one, knowing a bit about the various compressor parts comes in helpful. Even if you don’t want to maintain or repair the machine yourself, knowing a little bit about the various parts might assist in the buying decision.

Air Compressor Parts

The air compressor air filter is usually found in the air intake area of your air compressor system. As the name implies, the compressor air filter is responsible for filtering incoming air of solids and other impurities that could otherwise get clogged in your machine and ruin it over time.

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Every air compressor, regardless of brand or kind, is likely to contain some form of a pressure switch. Essentially, the pressure switch is the component that tells the compressor when to start and stop working.

Compressors have several valves, each with a specific function; I’ll list the most essential ones: Valve inlet/outlet On reciprocating piston compressors, inlet and outlet valves control the intake and exhaust of the piston chamber. They make certain that the air cannot return.

Of course, there are additional critical components of a typical air compressor, such as check valves, compressor coolers, compressor motors, pulleys, and so on. However, the air compressor parts are some of the most significant and often used pieces of the air compressor “puzzle.”


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