Can You Get Your Operating Authority With a Reefer Trailer Rental?


This video talks about how you can get your operating authority to become a reefer transportation company with a reefer rental or a lease agreement. This informative video takes you through the process of getting your operating authority.

The host of the video provides good news for those people that cannot quite afford to go out and buy a new reefer truck but can afford to rent or lease one.

Video Source

The presenter goes through the pros and cons of using a rental vehicle to get your operating authority using a reefer truck lease or rental.

This video may provide you with some new scenarios to consider including the costs associated with getting your operating authority using a lease or rental truck. The information presented is easy to digest and stays right on point.

The presenter does a thorough job of presenting the information and addressing many of the questions you may have. Watching this video will help you to understand the different variables that are possible when you start a reefer truck transportation company.

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