Do You Know These Plumbing Tricks?


Are you experiencing plumbing problems? Plumbers have a whole host of tricks that they employ to fix these problems. Many of these tricks are things that you and I can do as well. In this video, you will learn some of these plumbing tricks.

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Did you know that there are plungers designed specifically for sink drains? That is right, you don’t need to attempt to use a toilet plunger on your sink. That would simply be unsanitary. Instead, use a sink plunger which will make unplugging your sink much easier and cleaner.

If your toilet has too little or too much water in the bowl, there is an easy fix. Open up the back of the tank and look at the float arm. The float arm determines the water level in the bowl. One option is to adjust the boom arm yourself. If the water level is consistently higher than it should be, you could place a brick in the back which will displace water and lift the float arm up with less water. However, it is never a bad call to have your local plumber take a look at the problem if you are uncomfortable at the thought of fixing a toilet yourself.


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