Camo is for More than Just Hunting Gear


Camouflage purses

While camouflage has long been evident in nature as a biological adaptation for certain animals, it has of course been co opted by professional hunters as standard attire. But camo, as it is also known colloquially, has more recently entered the lexicon of fashion.

It is not uncommon to see people wearing camo purses as a fitting accessory to an eclectic wardrobe. The design does not necessarily have to conform to the typical color scheme of earth tones, either. More outlandish and fun colors include pink camp, which is certainly not unheard of.

Though these styles of camo purses are far removed from the conventional aesthetic and functionality of camouflage, they nonetheless are inextricably linked its original purpose. Used to disguise one’s self in the surrounding environment, camouflage has been used by animals and humans alike. Although the desert camouflage of brown and tan first emerged during the 1962 Arab Israeli disputes, it was not commonly used until the Gulf War.

While camouflage can take the various forms of disruptive coloration, color changing, and countershading, the most familiar example is background matching. For example, a squid uses background matching when getting accustomed to its surroundings. A zebra utilizes disruptive coloration, in which its stripes are able to obscure its outline when running away quickly from would be predators.

From the most functional of hunting hear to the more eccentric camo bathing suits and camo baby bedding, the style has become a mainstay in our culture. Leave your questions and comments about camo purses and other products below.

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