5 Essential Tips for New Bond Agents


The video discusses vital tips for new bail bond agents. The first tip for new bond agents is to ensure that you have all of your certifications and are registered with the county to start practicing in your new career right away. Once you get your certs, you can start looking for employment with bail bond companies.

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The second tip is to keep yourself available at all times. A bail bond job is an on-call job, which means that you need to have everything ready to roll at any minute. Keep the necessary equipment in your vehicle, such as your codes, bookbag, and other work-related gear. A phone call for your service could come in at the speed of light, and you’ll need to set out on the journey fast.

Tip number three is to apply with as many bail bond companies as possible. That will raise your potential to earn an income consistently.

The next tip is to consider providing free services when you first start. That way, you can gain clout and attention so that bail bond companies will use your services again. The last tip is to follow the rules and avoid being reckless. Don’t be a “cowboy” at any time in your practice.

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