Zero Turns Compared to Tractor Style Mowers


Americans are known for their well manicured lawns. When you think of suburban America, you think of neat houses with neatly trimmed lawns. In some ways, a well-trimmed lawn is associated with status and work ethic. People often think higher of neighbors that have a well-trimmed lawn. That is, if they are not jealous of that beautiful lawn.

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It is no secret that an excellent lawn is the base for any landscape projects. However, this can be a lot of work if you don’t have the right mower. That is why it is important to consider which lawn mower is the best fit for you and your yard. In this video, you will see the comparison between zero turn and tractor style mowers.

Zero turn mowers are notably more agile and speedy than tractor style mowers. Yet, they don’t perform as well on inclines as tractor style mowers. This is for two reasons. First, zero turns have small front wheels. Second, zero turns don’t have four wheel drive like tractor style mowers do. Tractor style mowers also tend to be easier to drive because they feature a wheel while zero turns use two control sticks.


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