Your Search Engine Ranking Could Make or Break Your Business Presence Online Where Do You Rank?


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Every month there are nearly five billion internet searches. That comes out to just under 2,000 searches a second, according to a study produced by comScore qSearch. Think about all of those searches that could be leading potential customers to your business. If only your business were using a search engine optimization service, it would be searchable online and be exposed to those potential clients.

SEO companies will make sure that your website has a very wide internet footprint, increasing your exposure, and in turn, increasing your online rank. If you are concerned with the financial aspect of SEO, you need not fret. The money that you invest could be earned back in no time at all. As long as you implement a strong SEO campaign, you could bring in 22 dollars for every one spent. A 21 dollar return on investment is nothing to take lightly.

SEO consists of several different approaches to online exposure. The main goal is to get your website up to the number one organic rank of the search engines. The closer to number 1, the more likely you are to be clicked. In terms of Google, the first site on a search engine results page gets about 18 percent of the clicks, the second result gets 10 percent, and the third gets seven percent of the clicks. The percentages get minuscule as you work your way further down the ladder.

Another approach taken for SEO is a PPC management service. PPC management services utilize the Google advertising model known as Adwords, which was first introduced in 2002. Virtually any banner with an ad on it will be an Adwords banner, the majority of them having the Adwords logo located somewhere on the banner itself. Since its inception, Adwords has grown to be the number 1 revenue source for Google. And since Google is the most popular search engine in the world, it makes sense that people want to advertise there.

With organic results, pay per click advertising, and several other techniques for getting your website the most visibility online, an SEO company will help to increase your traffic and your business. With those various approaches to SEO, you can be assured that you will have the most coverage online, and therefore your chances of being seen will be greatly increased. See this reference for more.

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