Your Essential Guide to Shopfloor Metrology Systems


Advances in technology have revolutionized shop floors. When you think of such changes, your mind might first go to things like robotics, forklifts, assembly lines, and the like. Technological evolution has had profound impacts in many other areas as well, however, including shopfloor metrology systems.

With shopfloor metrology, you can take accurate measurements of the shopfloor and all the equipment and tools within the work environment. In the past, measurements were often done at labs where conditions could be controlled. However, it’s important to measure things in live environments, like a shop floor.

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Shopfloor metrology uses advanced tools, like lasers, which can get highly accurate measurements. Without such tools, it’d be very difficult to perform accurate, repeatable measurements on a shop floor. This could hinder production and result in poorer process control. Fortunately, modern tools have come a long way.

Laser systems and other tools can be highly mobile. This is crucial because it makes it easier for professionals to move around in complex, fast-paced environments. Flexibility allows leaders more control over the overall environment.

Looking at shopfloor metrology systems? It’s important to select the right tools for the job. If you need help selecting the best equipment, feel free to reach out to us. We’ve helped countless organizations set up shopfloor metrology processes.

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