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Wyoming is one of the top states in which to live and do business, as there is no corporate or state income tax, as well as no inventory tax. In addition, two people from the Forbes list of wealthiest Americans live in Jackson, Wyoming. With low taxes and a beautiful landscape, commercial real estate is available to those who wish to do business in Wyoming. Top realty companies offer Jackson Hole commercial real estate, so your business has the opportunity to thrive in Wyoming.

The average home price in Jackson, Wyoming is approximately 2.4 million dollars, but this can be attributed to the prosperous businesses that are able to flourish in Wyoming. In addition to having no corporate or personal income tax, Wyoming also has a sales and use tax base rate of only four percent, and a mere two percent county optional tax. By saving your business money through locating it in Wyoming, you may be able to find high end log homes or other Jackson Hole luxury homes for you to live in.

In addition to being one of the top states in which to do business, Wyoming also has a picturesque landscape that attracts many people. Located just outside of Jackson, for example, is the National Elk Refuge. Nearly 90,000 elk are located there, and it is the largest elk preserve in North America. Jackson Hole also has a mountain resort that has a base elevation of only 6,311 feet, which is the lowest of any Rocky Mountain ski resort. By offering more than just promising business opportunities, Wyoming can also provide residents with scenery that can lead to outdoor adventure.

Although the population of Wyoming is just over 576,000, it has proven to be a great state in which to do business. Companies have been able to save money because of the lack of taxes in Wyoming, and commercial real estate is available to those who wish to pursue a business venture in the state. By doing so, your business has the opportunity to succeed. Learn more: www.jhsir.com

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