When Choosing SEO White Label is the Way to Go


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There are 2,095,006,005 people living in this world today, and a wide majority of them use the web to search for stuff. Most use Google, which relies on more than 200 unique criteria to rank its pages. If your business is in charge of getting clients in front of these people, then search engine optimization is a viable answer. And if you decide to outsource SEO services but are unsure of the right form of SEO white label is clearer for myriad reasons.

Primarily, when choosing SEO white label is best because you get to resell someone else’s services as if they were your own services. You never need to put out a disclaimer to clients telling them someone else is actually doing SEO work unless you feel the need to do so. Otherwise, you can keep this information quiet and can let your clients be wowed by the results they are getting with the Seo white label company you have chosen to work with. They will not even care whether you have actually done the SEO work if the results start working right away.

Also, when choosing SEO white label is more ideal because the company’s desire to remain anonymous means you make up the costs that you will dole out as an SEO reseller. Depending on the Seo program you have chosen, you pay a set amount to resell it and then anything you make on top of that goes into your company’s asset column. This means additionally that the costs you charge for one company could be different than what you charge for another. The number is 100 percent at your discretion.

When choosing SEO white label is more productive for you too because many white label SEO companies, also commonly referred to as private label seo companies, offer side services like social media to enhance your clients’ reputations online. Through social media efforts that are more organic than paid in nature, a white label company could drastically improve your clients’ Facebook profiles, advertising opportunities, and number of followers. From 2010 to 2011, about 74 percent of businesses used pay per click advertising through Facebook. In 2012, that number decreased to 56 percent. The right SEO will use normal tactics and not paid advertising ones to get results because a good SEO company knows that view through conversion rates, or the percentage of people who look at an ad but who do not click on it but then who visit that site soon after, are just as important as pay per click advertising. A strong company knows too about the nofollow rule, which was set up in 2005 as a way to stop spam from appearing in comments sections of blogs.

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