What you need to know about SEO resellers


Private label seo

If you are looking for search engine optimization service for you website or if you are a company that is planning to outsource SEO, you should know that generally the service is offered by SEO resellers. SEO resellers are not the ones who optimize the websites. They are more like sales agents who offer search engine optimization to clients. Most often the SEO resellers have websites that offer other technology related services, such as web development and design. Search engine optimization is therefore just one of their services. However there are also SEO resellers that offer search engine optimization alone. In general however, you will get the service from SEO resellers.

When looking for SEO resellers, you need to know that there are basically two types of SEO reseller programs. There is the white label SEO and the black label SEO. The difference between the two is that the white label, also known as private label SEO, uses techniques and methods that are within the prescribed guidelines of the search engines. The black label on the other hand uses techniques that are not allowed by the search engines. Since they are not allowed, websites that are caught using them are penalized or banned, depending on the guidelines that were violated. In any case, either your website is a website for small to medium size business or whether you are a large corporation that decided on SEO outsourcing, getting banned or penalized by the search engine can significantly affect the profitability of the website.

Another important thing you need to know is to choose an SEO reseller that has a good track record when it comes to search engine optimization. In this, you need to ask the SEO reseller the rankings of his clients. You would be able to judge how good the SEO service is depending on how long the clients have been with the SEO reseller and on the consistency of the rankings of the clients. You need to understand that search engine optimization is not an overnight thing. This means that the search engines constantly ranks sites because websites are constantly being updated by the website owners themselves. The search engines therefore would want to make sure that their users get the most relevant result when they search for whatever it is they are searching. Thus, for the sites, the important thing is to have consistent good rank. It may not always be number one, since search engines are constantly being evaluated, but consistent in having high ranks every week, every month, every year. This ensures good number of visitor everyday, not just one day or one week. With regular visitors, ther is great potential for the site to turn them into regular and loyal customers. Hence it is important to check for the consistency of the ranking of the SEO resellers. Read more blogs like this.

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