What You Need to Know About Document Shredding


Identity theft is a common issue nowadays. This normally occurs when a criminals gets a hold of enough of your personal identifying information to impersonate you online. Often, they will use this to purchase items in your name or attempt to steal money. This is why it is important to shred documents that may leak your personal information to anyone who gets a hold of those documents. In this video, you will learn important information about document shredding.

A good rule of thumb is to shred any document that has personal information on it as soon as you no longer need it. For example, a credit card offer that came through the mail may have your name and other information on it.

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You will want to shred this document before throwing it out. However, there are some documents that you will need to hold onto instead of shredding them. For example, tax documents often need to be saved for up to seven years in the event that the IRS needs more information. Therefore, you will need a safe place to store these documents in the meantime. For more information on document shredding, watch the rest of the video.


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