What Will These Repairmen Do for Easy Garage Door Fix?


Is something wrong with your garage door? Are you afraid of the cost of garage door repair? There are some sure signs that something is wrong with your garage door, but it might not necessarily be as expensive as you think. In this video, we see the good and the bad side of 24 hour garage door repair, where most contractors will be upfront and honest with you, while some contractors will try to rip you off.

It could be a problem as small as broken springs, but in this case, a small sensor wasn’t aligned correctly.

Video Source

This news team set up cameras to catch the crews who were trying to scam unsuspecting homeowners into paying a huge fee to pay for something that was as easy to fix as moving a sensor.

Now, why do contractors do this? Obviously to make money, but more importantly, lying to the homeowner for their own expense is immoral and wrong. Sometimes, with some simple analysis, you may find that the problem can be so small that you might be able to fix it yourself and save all that money.

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