What to Know Before Using a Stretch Limo Service


Whether it’s for a major event like a dance or a birthday celebration, or if it’s to travel to an airport in luxury, renting a limo can be a great option. With most major areas offering a variety of services, choosing the right one can seem like a daunting task. However, understanding what to know before using a stretch limo service simplifies the process and gets you exactly what you want.

Start by confirming the number of passengers that are going to be in the limo with you. This number is important to have prior to calling the service because it will allow them to understand the size of the vehicle you will need.

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There are often few options for larger parties, so it’s important to call well in advance to ensure you will be able to secure the ride.

Next, have a timeline available for the stretch limo service. How long will you need the limo, what time do they need to pick you up and what time will they be done for the night? Having this information will allow them to gauge the price of the job.

For additional information about what to know before using a stretch limo service, please review the attached video.


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