What Price You You Expect for Car Shipping? Three Facts about Auto Transport


International car shipping

Did you know that the average car weighs around 3,000 pounds? This can create a bit of a problem when it comes to shipping. They cannot just be packed along with everything else and stuck into the back of your moving vehicle, or sent through UPS delivery services. Instead, people usually rely on companies that specialize in transporting vehicles. Here are three facts about car transport companies that may help you out if you are looking into this option for either personal or business reasons.

1. Licenses, insurance, good reviews

When you are looking for someone to move your vehicles, only rely on someone that has a reliable reputation, is licensed, and who is insured. The internet has made it easier for people to start car transport companies online, but with the increase in dealers has come an increase in the number of complaints against them, and accusations of fraud. Auto transport reviews are easy to find online. Look beyond just the company website, since they obviously have an incentive to post favorable reviews.

2. What should you expect from car shipping quotes?

Get free quotes from multiple dealers, and make sure to check the fine print since many fees and additional rates are snuck in this way. To give you a basic idea of the costs, one company operating online estimates the cost of shipping from New York to Florida to be around 720 dollars. Hawaii to California is about 1,100. Price is also dependent on the time of year, car size, proximity to major highways, et cetera. Be wary of anyone whose quote is far below average, as this is a possible indication that they are skipping important steps, possibly with insurance.

3. Can other forms of vehicles be shipped?

Yes. Many of the companies that help with car transport services also help with motorcycle, RV, and boat shipping. Many people, for example, will transport their yachts in order to avoid the dangers, time, and financial cost of sailing a boat to a far away destination. Learn more at this link: www.dasautoshippers.com

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