What Its Like to Be an Industrial Electrician


Industrial electricians performs much the same work as other electricians. They repair, tests and maintain electrical systems. Here a typical day in the life of a professional industrial electrician.

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For industrial setting, an electrician is tasked with a lot of work including such as:

  • Read and analyzing, technical drawings, blueprints, and job plans
  • Installing and wiring electrical components and systems
  • Troubleshoot and repair components, wiring, and equipment in industrial electrical systems.
  • Handle large equipment and tools
  • Improve existing industrial electrical systems
  • Keep wiring and electrical component in good condition
  • Head electrical teams and train apprentices
  • Conduct the red lines and do all the control wiring design
  • Going though ECS and all the control wiring
  • Going out in the field to install VFP.
  • Unwiring the motor and testing the wires.
  • Get the electrical drawings out, trace out and test each safety device.

Although the work environment differs for residential and commercial electricians, basic duties for industrial electricians are the same. Being an industrial electrician is a demanding job that requires standing for long periods, squeezing into tight and uncomfortable spaces and positions, and lifting heavy tools and equipment.

For industrial electricians, at some point during their work they’ll have to measure, cut and thread conduit pipes for new installations. There is never a dull day for an industrial electrician, as it’s a job with interesting challenges and lucrative in terms of salary and job security.


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