What Happens During Septic Services


Pumping is one of the most popular septic services. If you have a septic tank at your home, you will need to get it pumped every once in a while. In this article, we are going to discuss the process of these septic services.

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During a septic pumping, the company that you work with will come to your home with a large truck. This truck will hold all of the material that gets pumped out of the septic tank. The worker will need to walk around your property to find out where the tank, as well as, the other pipes are located. Once they have found the tank, they will start digging up the land so that they can access it.

With the land dug up, the septic worker will connect a tube from the truck to the septic tank. This tube will clean out the tank. After the pumping is complete, the tank will be buried back underground. If the tank is buried, the job is finished.

Overall, this was the process of septic tank pumping. If you have a septic tank, it’s a good idea to contact a septic company to figure out how often you will need this service.


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