Ultimate Guide to Core Drilling


Core drilling, also known as concrete drilling, is a task done by core drilling services whereby precise holes are made in surfaces like rocks. According to the narrator in the video, the main objective of core drilling is to produce a high-quality core sample. The core sample is used to check the quality or mineral content of the surface it’s obtained from. Core drilling is based on the concept of rotary drilling.

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In core drilling, a ring-shaped drill bit fitted with cutting elements like diamond or tungsten carbide is placed on a surface and rotated at high speeds to make precise holes. The drill bit is typically hollow in the middle; this space is where the core sample is collected as the drill bit continues boring.

Core drilling is used in various areas such as investigating soil or rock mechanics in sites, exploration drilling, and infill drilling in mines. In exploration drilling, the core sample is checked for minerals; in infill drilling, the core sample is used to determine the mineral concentration in a mine; in rock mechanics, the core sample is inspected to determine if a tunnel can be drilled inside the rock and in soil mechanics, the core sample is checked to determine if the soil is strong enough to withstand the stresses of a planned construction project.


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