Two Of The Top Secrets To Successful Internet Marketing


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Thanks to the internet, smartphones, and tablets, businesses may be more visible than ever before. Getting information about any given company, product, or service is often just a click, swipe, or tap away — and, for the most part, that’s a very good thing… if businesses know to properly take advantage of that. Unfortunately, many small- and medium-sized businesses don’t. What are the best internet marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics of 2014?

Online Content Needs To Be Engaging And Memorable

Nearly all — or 92% — of business owners describe online content as “somewhat” or “very” important, and they’re right. The best internet marketing consultants and online marketing agencies, however, know that all content is not created equal. It is absolutely critical to infuse content with personality — and make it memorable whenever possible. American Eagle did just that for April Fool’s Day 2014.

A few days leading up to the holiday, the company announced its new exclusive clothing line just for dogs, called American Beagle. In addition to publishing pictures, social media content, and on-site content, the company also released a promotional video, beginning, “Imagine a world where you walk into the mall and there’s one store and all they have for you are Halloween costumes. That’s what she’s [the dog] dealing with.” The content-based campaign did several important things. It made customers laugh, it gave the American Eagle brand personality, and it made customers think about and remember American Eagle.

Generally, companies get five times more visitors to their websites if they blog 15 (or more) times per month. If you do blog, take a page out of American Eagle’s or an expert marketing SEO company’s book, and do it in a way that is unique, engrossing, and memorable.

A Simple And Streamlined Mobile Website Is More Important Than Ever

Similarly, 61% of people look up companies, services, or products online before making purchases. Thanks to smartphones, this number is growing exponentially. Having a mobile site that is easy to navigate, with images and important information on the front page (or on one of the front pages) is critical for small, large, and/or SEO companies’ success.

The top marketing SEO company and online marketing experts will tell you the same thing: content must be engrossing and unique, and mobile advertising is driving more and more visitor traffic.

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