Three Moving Tips to Make the Big Day More Efficient



Whether you have long distance movers, or you are relying on your High School buddies, whether you have a magnificent caravan of trailers or just portable storage pods, moving can be pretty stressful. So, to make your life easier, here are three of the best moving tips to reduce any stress you have on the big day.

1. Get a sitter.

Trust me on this one. Kids are usually upset by the change, or they are energetic and frantic. Either way, they are likely to get under the foot of movers who are just trying to do their job. While the trucks are getting loaded up, it would just be easier if a friend or relative watched the kids while you and your movers took care of the hard work. I would advise the same for any pets, as well.

2. Have everything ready the night before.

Do not start packing the minute your friends or your movers show up to your door. Chances are if you took the time to hire professional movers, you already know this, but a lot of times people have a few odds and ends that they need to take care of still. I would recommend having absolutely everything ready when the movers show up, even if they are just your friends. Remember, their time is your money, so it would be best to make things go as efficiently as possible.

3. Pack plates vertically and use clothing to pad any breakables.

Accidents happen in moves. Boxes fall. Things break. However, you can mitigate this as much as possible affordably by taking a few savvy steps. Firstly, why waste extra money on bubble wrap when you have tee shirts to do that job for you just as well? I would also recommend wrapping glassware with stems in socks as well. You can also place plates vertically, like records, to avoid breaking them as well.

Hope these help you and your movers to make your big moving day go as quickly, and efficiently as possible! If you have any other tips to help people and their movers work smarter, not harder, then please share those as well!

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