The Whats, Whys and Hows of HVAC Maintenance


The video starts with Ray Pearson, an HVAC technician, saying that he’s about to run preventative HVAC maintenance on a residential customer’s system.

It is good practice to pull the disconnect before beginning any maintenance work for safety. After pulling the disconnect, he goes ahead to take off the panel to inspect the electronics and ensure they are free of webs, mice, etc.

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, before checking the condition of the wiring. He also checked the capacitor for leaks or rust.

He then took out his refrigerator gauge, which he later used to check the system’s refrigerant levels, and if the coils were plugged or dirty, among other things. He then went in to have a look at the filter, which was in use for 6 months and replaced it. Ray noted that how frequently it is changed depends on its size, the size of the premises, whether you have pets, and your allergies.

As he ran the system, he specifically listened for abnormal noises and watched out for leaks. Ray also noted that he likes wiping down the system to have a closer look at the unit.

He finished by determining that the system was functioning properly, sized properly, and was fit for the home; it just needed a bit of cleaning.

Pearson recommends washing your system once a month, especially if it sits outside. Doing this will ensure it cools properly. HVAC maintenance should be done at least once a year.

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