The Walk in Bathtub


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Nothing is as nice as taking a warm soothing bath. It is a luxury that everyone enjoys. Unfortunately when you get older you may not be able to continue taking a bath unless you get a walk in bathtub. People can lose their sense of balance when they get older and have trouble getting into or out of their normal bathtub. The good news is a walk in bathtub can be put in as a replacement for their old tub. A walk in tub is more convenient and easier to use. One of the reasons is because you don’t have to lift your leg up to climb over the side of the tub when you use a walk in bathtub. A walk in tub simply has a low threshold that you walk over to get into the tub. You can then close the door, sit down and start letting the water in.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long for your walk in tub to fill up with nice warm water. These types of bathtubs have larger water spouts and sometimes more than one water spout. That way the water fills in the walk in bathtub rather quickly. The same is true when you go to drain the water out of the bathtub. You will have to wait for all of the water to drain out of your walk in bathtub before you can open the door and walk out. However, the drains are larger and sometimes there are more than one drain built into a walk in bathtub.

You can retrofit a walk in bathtub in just about any size bathroom. They come in all sizes. In fact, you can even find a corner built walk in bathtub for a small bathroom. If you cannot install your walk in bathtub it is easy to find someone to do this job for you. The store that you buy your walk in bathtub from may even send over their bathroom contractor to do the job for you. Be sure you ask about installation before you buy a walk in bathtub. That way you won’t be hit with any surprises and the need to find a contractor to install your new tub for you.

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