The Most Common Reasons AC Wont Turn On


Summer or not, it is good to keep the AC in good condition. The cost of repair is not exactly cheap and you must be careful in handling this appliance in order to save money.

But, if you ever encounter an issue with your AC, you don’t need to panic and focus on fixing the issue. Before you call for an expert, there might be some ways for you to check if your AC really needs an expert.

If you own a Trane AC, you can hire a Trane AC repairs service professional to make the fixing more specific. One common problem is when the AC won’t turn on.

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What do you have to do to fix this?

There are various causes for your AC not to turn on. You might want to check the thermostat and look if it is still working. Another reason your AC not turning on is that it has low levels of refrigerant. This can be coming from a leak, so take extra care in checking. A blown fuse can also be a reason for your AC not to turn on.

This video shares how to fix an AC that won’t turn on. Click play for further information.

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