The Many Guacamole Nutriton Benefits of This Tasty Dip


Fresh guacamole dips

Guacamole was once considered an ethnic cuisine, but over the past several years it has become a favorite dish that is served all over the world. The reason for the success of this avocado based dip and recipes with guacamole is because of its nutritional benefits.

The guacamole nutrition that is found in this spread or dip can improve your health. The guacamole nutrition benefits that come with eating just one serving of this dip or spread include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, increasing metabolism, and improving the health of your eyes.

Many of the guacamole nutrition benefits come from the main ingredient in guacamole; the avocado. Avocados have an extremely high fat content, but that isn’t bad fat; it is good fat. The high fat content of classic guacamole recipes or fresh guacamole dips can help increase the body’s metabolism. An increased metabolism can help you lose weight in a healthy, fast way.

Another guacamole nutrition benefit that comes from avocados is its ability to serve as an antioxidant. The antioxidant quality of avocados makes guacamole a great food to eat if you want to decrease cardiovascular disease and slow down the aging process. The beta sitosterol found in avocados can also help improve your cardiovascular health by helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Other guacamole nutrition benefits can include improving the health of your eyes due to the lutein found in the dip or spread. Improving digestive health can also happen as a result of the high fiber content of the avocados used in guacamole.

Whether you are thinking of consuming fresh guacamole dips, a spicy guacamole dip, or traditional, original recipes using guacamole, you can feel better knowing that you are consuming a healthy, mouthwatering dish. This mouthwatering dish can help lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve the health of your eyes, reverse visible signs of aging, and improve digestive health.

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