The Importance of Preschool For the Future Success of Young Children



Many studies have shown the importance of preschool for small children. One landmark research study proved that after controlling for all other factors, children who attended preschool were far more likely to attend a four year college, and far less likely to be in trouble with the law. A good preschool program provides children with the bedrock social skills they will need to make it through the rest of their lives as responsible citizens who are well integrated within their communities.

Good preschool programs take place in a variety of environments such as daycare centers and home based child care. What is important is that the teachers and caregivers are experienced, well trained, and love children. The fundamentals of a good preschool curriculum should focus on developmentally appropriate activities that center on play and good interpersonal habits. For children aged 3 and 4, play is the best way to encourage learning. Young children are natural learners because they are highly curious and love to explore their environment.

Unfortunately, preschool is often an expensive proposition, especially for families where there is more than one child of preschool age at a time, and in families with only one working parent. There is not a whole lot of financial aid available to help parents defray the costs of preschool, but hopefully some of the current policy initiatives taking place at the state and federal level will help defray some of these costs so that more kids can take advantage of the benefits that preschool imparts.

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