The Importance of Construction Waste Management Efforts


Construction waste is one of the highest sources of waste. In the UK alone, over a hundred million tons of waste are produced annually. This is a bigger amount than waste produced from domestic use. There is, therefore, a great need to recycle this waste.
Recycling of this may at times result in the formation of the original product.

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This is referred to as closed loop recycling. However, at other times new products are formed as a result of this recycling. These products are not as useful as the original. However, the new products formed are extremely useful in another way. That is open loop recycling or downcycling.
Recycling building material is a hectic process that is intense on labor and cost. Transportation and processing of the material are very costly. However, when demolitions are planned reusable materials can be sold and delivered t their new user skipping the process of recycling.
By building a database of building materials available for use, a constructor can sell the material before the demolition starts. The database can contain information such as the type of material, condition, and date it is available. A buyer can therefore plan and buy that material. This way the contractor saves on recycling and dumping costs while the buyer benefits from affordable material. The environment smiles best when this construction waste management system is implemented as less pollution takes place.

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