The Evolution of the Copy Machine


The invention of the printing press in the 1400s revolutionized the way we record and share written information. Ever since then, humanity has been off to the races when it comes to inventing new ingenious ways to copy and print the written word. But one indispensable device tends to be forgotten when we discuss these wonderful machines, namely, the industrial copy machine.

The Henry Ford channel on YouTube made a wonderful video on the topic, featuring Mo Rocca of The Daily Show. Check it out to learn more, or read on.

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Celebrating the Industrial Copy Machine

While they are famous for driving office workers insane when they don’t work properly, industrial copy machines have been indispensable tools for businesses of all kinds. They have made the printing and dissemination of internal documents possible. That is a task that most organizations could not scale beyond local-level commerce without.

Invented in 1938, the industrial copy machine has been a staple of business, indispensable to college students, a god-send to people distributing fliers, and so much more. While it may be largely forgotten today, in the shadow of the internet, the industrial copy machine is still in wide use in offices, libraries, and elsewhere, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon.


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