Stressed About Moving? Get Help to Make the Process Easier


Portable storage rentals

Every year, some 43 million Americans choose to pack up and move, and many of them head long distances. While there are lots of factors that play into that decision, the majority, roughly 35%, say that the main reason they move a long distance is to be closer to their family. But no matter why you may choose to move, relocating, after death and divorce, is the third most stressful process you can go through. So investing in helpful tools, like self storage pods, is always a good idea. Portable storage containers and other items can help you get organized and ease some of the burden of moving.

One of the reasons that moving can be such a cumbersome process is that, quite simply, stuff is heavy and doing all the lifting on your own can be quite difficult, if not impossible. Even if you use self storage pods to get organized and safely pack all of your items, lifting them into moving trucks, vans, or trailers can be next to impossible without a lot of muscle. In order to ease the physical strain, hiring moving companies can be a good idea. They will be comprised of strong and experienced individuals who can move even the bulkiest items easily without scratching them up.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to trust even the moving companies with the est track record and positive reviews. Between negligence and shenanigans, lots of items end up missing during the moving process. In fact, in 2009 alone, Americans made more than 7,800 complaints to the Better Business Bureau about the moving company that they hired. Though not all of those complaints necessarily had to do with theft or lost items, those problems certainly comprise a significant portion of that total.

In order to avoid that risk, without having to worry about losing items, you might want to think about simply hiring your friends to help with the heavy lifting. Not only are they more trustworthy, but they can also be cheaper since you will likely only need to pay them with some cold beers and a barbecue when the job is done. But no matter who you have help you out, using sturdy self storage pods to get organized and make sure all of your items will make the trip without getting lost or broken is always a smart choice.

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