Stop Giving Your Competitors an Edge and Save Yourself


Search engine optimization

Marketing solutions companies recently started to find themselves between a digital rock and a hard place, because they had to choose between taking the time, money and resources to hire teams of in house writers, or fail to give their clients the quality service wanted. However, SEO programs began to show up, ready to meet this demand.

You see, SEO programs are also called Seo reseller plans, because the client, a marketing solutions company, resells the search engine optimized content produced by the SEO program. But why buy and resell this SEO content?

Well, these blogs and articles written in the SEO program are used to increase the search engine ranking of a website, which means that the company then gets more web traffic, which results in a conversion to business leads, who then become real store traffic.

True, there are other ways of search engine optimization, like paying Google (who owns 70 percent or more of search engine market share in the U.S.) for sponsored adds, but publishing web content is the best. In fact, 56 percent of companies say that they actually acquired new customers through their company blogs. Not to mention the fact that there are over three quarters of marketers who have strategic SEO campaigns in place that utilize content creation as part of those campaigns. This further shows how the future of marketing is moving towards a digital place.

The reason you want an SEO program to help get that first search engine result rank is because over three quarters of search users never even click past the first page of search results. Putting an SEO program to good use would mean gaining access to this 75 percent, right there.

Plus the content created through an SEO program can also be shared over social media, which is a whole other emerging form of Internet marketing. Think about it, this content that has already been branded acts as another kind of advertisement, one that people willingly share. It is like free advertising on the biggest marketplace in the world.

If you have invested in an Seo program, please share your story and experience in the comments below!

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