Simple Ways to Make Your Business More Productive


In the age of COVID-19, it can be tough to see the silver lining if you’re a business owner. Restrictions have hamstrung businesses all over the country, cutting into profit margins and forcing many companies into a discussion on if it’s even viable to remain open. These are tough times, but that doesn’t mean a business can’t reinvent themselves to the other side of this crippling pandemic.

Instead of seeing this as a negative, business owners should see this as the perfect time to reinvent their business so that it will be more productive. Here are the best steps that will help your business stand out and be more efficient and productive.

Delegate More

You’re the leader of your business, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do everything yourself to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

As a boss, you have the power to delegate your tasks to your employees, which is a power you should exercise to allow your business to run more efficiently. With delegation comes risks, as some employees may not be up to the task that you will give them. That is why, when you delegate, you should make sure that each of the tasks that you delegate to your employees maximizes their strengths.

The delegation will provide a chance for your employees to gain important skills needed to do their jobs better and more efficiently. This will only be a benefit to your business as it will motivate them to do a great job and be better employees in the long run.

Outsource Your Digital Marketing

There are certain benefits to doing advertising in-house, and you will be able to control your ad campaign and market your business the way you want to market it.

That’s what makes outsourcing your digital marketing service so scary, as, with outsourcing, you may get a say in the marketing of your business, but the marketing agency that you contract will do the final campaign. Maybe you’ll like it, or maybe not, there is a risk in outsourcing your business marketing to an agency.

That’s why it’s important to pick an agency with proven results in SEO services to run your digital marketing campaign. That company will treat your marketing with care and will allow you to have input on the process. While picking a firm for your digital marketing, make sure that they have remote workforce support that will be there if you have any questions or concerns about your marketing campaign.

Outsourcing your digital marketing will allow your business to save money will making your company more productive and efficient, which is key in today’s business climate.

Optimize Your Phone System

A business cannot function without a phone system. How else will you get in contact with suppliers and customers that are the main engines of your business? Ever since the rise of commercial phone services, telephones have played a crucial role in the operations of businesses all over the world. In today’s modern landscape, the phone has evolved to zoom calls and other teleconference services that make it easier for your company to do business with any company in the world. However, you will need to make sure that your company’s phone system is optimized to tackle the challenges of 21-century communications.

If you find that your company’s phone system is lacking in certain areas, then you should call your local phone provider to make upgrades to your phone system. Many local phone companies provide business telephone system installation that is custom designed for businesses large and small to do business daily and to give those businesses an edge on their competition.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

One of the biggest hurdles to workday productivity is distractions. They can come from all angles, whether it be the internet or social media, distractions can kill your business’ productivity and efficiency. One of the biggest enemies to productivity, according to Business Town, is social media, which can take your employee base out of the game. With social media becoming such a distraction, you may think that it’s wise to have a “no phone” policy while your employees are working, and granted, some companies have taken this stance, forbidding their employees from using their phones while they’re on the clock.

That may not be the right way to go, however. Instead of instituting a blanket “no phone” policy, put in place a rule that will require them to turn their phones off while they’re working but will also allow them to check their messages and social media on their breaks and launches. That will provide the perfect balance needed to not only make sure work is done without distractions but will also give your employees some wiggle room needed to breathe and have persona time.

Consult With a Business Lawyer Before Making Huge Decisions

Yes, you are the boss of your company, which means that the big decisions for which direction your company goes lie squarely on your shoulders. It is not easy making big decisions, however, which is why you should think about retaining an attorney and consulting him before you make huge decisions that could very well affect your company. One of the attributes of retaining a business lawyer is that it will save you time just in case that idea doesn’t pan out. In business, there will be some ideas that you will want to get further legal knowledge on, which makes hiring a business attorney a smart investment.

For example, let’s say that you are deciding to take out a business loan for your company. A business lawyer will be able to comb through the legal contract to see if your company is getting a fair deal or not. That’s the beauty of retaining a great lawyer who can give you their legal opinion on a decision before you pull the trigger. You will have the final say on the matter, but a business lawyer will ensure that you are well-informed of the risks involved before you make that big decision.

Negotiate Your Shipping Contract

If you’re in the business of selling products, then a pillar of your business has to be getting the product to the customer who purchased your product.

This is where shipping contacts come into play. Businesses use shipping contractors to ship their products worldwide. Firms like FedEx and UPS are two of the go-to-firms for companies for domestic and international shipping, and you will want to make sure that you have a fair and equitable shipping contract that will be beneficial for both your company and the contractor. For example, as with every contractor, there could be mistakes made by the contractor that you will have to be on the hook. With this in mind, make sure that you’re negotiating a great rate that will help cover for a mistake made on delivery.

Also, while you’re negotiating your shipping contract, you will want to be on the lookout for a GSR waiver, which, if you sign it, will waive your rights to late delivery refunds. That can also make your company liable for a product that breaks during transport and delivery, putting the onus of replacing that product on your company’s shoulders, not the shipping company. A business lawyer will also advise you not to sign that GSR waiver, as the shipping company should be responsible for late deliveries and damage to the product while it’s in their possession.

Improve the Conditions of the Workplace

Everyone wants to work in a clean, safe, and comfortable work environment, and your company should strive to achieve that.

The conditions of the workplace will go a long way to improving the productivity of your business. Make sure that the temperature in the workplace is comfortable. We’re talking between 68-and-70 degrees, the magic comfort zone for an office setting. The reason? Having an office environment that’s either too hot or too cold will become a distraction for workers, who will spend the majority of their time keeping cool or warm rather than doing a productive job.

As we mentioned earlier, distractions are a killer to business productivity, so make your workplace comfortable so that your workers will focus their time on doing a good job rather than getting comfortable.

Hire Professionals to Manage Major Projects

Outsourcing is something that companies large and small don’t want to resort to, but in this business climate, saving money is key, which is why you should think about outsourcing the management of projects to an outside firm.

While you may want to keep the management of projects in-house, outsourcing this duty to project management services will improve your business’ productivity and efficiency. Research the many project management services in your area to see which company fits your company goals and budgets and negotiate on a contract that will have that company take over the management of your projects while still having a say on how things should proceed. It will be a win-win for everybody.

Install Solar Panels to Reduce Energy Costs

Utility bills can be a crusher to the finances of a business. Energy costs are one of the biggest expenses a business has to deal with, and many companies, both large and small, struggle to deal with how to control rising utility costs. That’s why many businesses are exploring installing solar panels to help power their office spaces. There are tremendous savings to be had with solar panels, with businesses that are certified ENERGY STAR saving an average of 35-percent on their utility bills. That’s the power of the technology surrounding the panels have evolved over the years.

By installing solar panels, you can cut down on your office space’s energy bill and be greener to the environment. If you decide to go down the solar route, make sure that you hire a good dedicated solar energy contractor to do the job. The same contractor can also be used to do solar energy system repair to your panels in case something goes wrong.

Practice the Art of Positive Reinforcement

Practice the art of positive reinforcement that will get your employees motivated to do a great job. A common way most employers resort to positive reinforcement is by offering incentives to hitting goals and doing a good job. Maybe your employee hit a sales target? Reward them with an extra paid day off or a gift card to show them a job well done.

Or, maybe your entire office has achieved a special goal. You will want to show your appreciation to your employees by treating them to lunch or rewarding them with an early day on the weekend. Rewards like these make an employee feel special, feel wanted, and will make them strive to do a great job for you as they will be working for a boss that looks after their well-being.

Employees want to feel appreciated and wanted by their employers, and using positive reinforcement to encourage and motivate them will go a very long way to improving the productivity of your office.

In conclusion, this is the ripe time to look over what works in your office to make sure your business is running the way it should be running.

There are many companies out there today competing for the same customer base as you are, so you will want to gain an edge so that your business will come out on top. Make sure that your office is comfortable for your workers and that you’re using positive reinforcements to make them want to work harder.

Make sure that your shipping contacts are fair and will work for your company. Ensure that your office building is energy efficient, and outsource tasks and jobs that may be done by an outside company that will allow you to save some money on your bottom line. By following these steps, you will ensure that you will have an office that will work efficiently and productively.

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