Running out of space in your home?


Custom closets

If you are running out of space in your home, you may be thinking of taking some unusual steps to opening up just a little bit of extra room for storage, for your daily activities. Custom closets, diy closet systems, and the utilization of organization tips for closets can all help with your sudden lack of usable space. However, there is another option many do not think to consider; a folding wall bed.

Consider how much space the bed in your master bedroom consumes. How about the beds in your guest room? How much space do each of those beds eat up that you could use for other purposes? A murphy bed, often thought of as that folding bed you see in the movies, can offer you all the same sleeping space for yourself and guests, while also allowing you more space during the day.

Imagine that each of your beds in your home takes up an area of six feet by four feet. That’s the size of a standard double bed used in many homes. That accounts for twenty four square feet of lost space per bed! Imagine now that during the day you fold your murphy bed back into the wall. In its place you are able to keep your sewing table, or you can use the newly recovered space as an area to do your morning yoga. When night comes, you simply release your folding beds from their places in the wall, moving whatever is in the floor space out of the way for the night.

Many who want to buy a murphy bed are concerned with appearances and sleeping space. Well, consider that you can buy a king size murphy bed all the way down to a twin size murphy bed. For any size sleeping area you need there is a folding wall bed available. People are also worried about how these beds look when folded into the wall. Do you just see the metal superstructure of the bed? No. A compartment can be installed that looks as though it is part of the wall when closed. The bed is perfectly hidden, practically invisible for those who don’t know it is there.

If you need added space in your home, consider a folding wall bed. They look good, conserve space, and are quite affordable. What are you waiting for?

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