Rochester, NY Welcomes Mixologists and New Age Cocktails


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Did you know that, as recently as August 22, 2013, President Obama stopped by Magnolia’s Deli and Cafe in Rochester, NY, and that movie producers chose Rochester as one of the filming locations for the The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Rochester, NY is continually growing, and welcoming more of the nation’s most buzz-worthy events. The city is bustling with restaurants, music, and fun things to do, and many of the events take place year-round, driving more people to call Rochester home. What are some of Rochester locals’ favorite haunts?

Mixology Cocktail Bars

In September 2013, Rochester newspaper The Democrat and Chronicle reported the beginning of a new age of cocktails. Rochester cocktail bars and restaurants are experiencing a surge of creativity, and introducing a unique blend of liqueurs, alcohol, and flavors. Juice and cider from local orchards, rose water, edible flowers, local maple syrup, local honey, and herbs, are just a few of the ingredients being worked into new age cocktails. Locals can head to the newly opened Cure bar, located near the Rochester Public Market, or try the Lunchbox at Rochester’s Good Luck. The innovative drink is inspired by a classic, and favorite, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. To make it, mixologists dice up and freeze peanut butter, add nearly frozen brandy, and top it all off with grape juice.

Music Festivals

Did you know that The New York Times listed Rochester’s annual Jazz Festival as one of the top jazz fests in the nation, and that it was up against cities like Newport, San Francisco, and New York City? One of the top reasons that people are flocking into Rochester apartments and homes is easily the music scene.

The Eastman School of Music, part of the University of Rochester, is known across the nation for its top music instruction. Thanks to the Rochester music school, and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, the region is a go-to for classical music. Rochester, also called “The City of Festivals,” hosts the annual Jazz Fest, East End Music Festival, the Lilac Festival, and many more. All three festivals welcome a variety of music, including local music, jazz, rock, country, and contemporary music.

Looking at Rochester apartments? If you are looking for one-of-a-kind dining experiences, and mind-blowing music festivals, you are going to feel right at home in Rochester.

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