Purchasing Trailer Jacks And Boating Accessories


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The US demand for recreational boats and accessories is forecasted to grow 8.0 percent annually to $10.1 billion in 2016. And of course, when individuals purchase boats they also need to purchase all of the necessary accessories: In 2011, recreational boating sales increased 6 percent to an estimated $32 billion nationwide. The front of a bow is called the bow; the rear is called the stern. The right side of a boat, facing forward, is starboard, while the left is port.

For example, if you have a boat you will need air horns boat for emergencies. Ecoblast Air Horns are noncorrosive and nontoxic, because they use neither chemicals or batteries, just compressed air. You may also want to look into LED boat lights, such as navigational lights LED. LED boat lights may have a higher initial cost outlay than traditional incandescent lights, but their cost is quickly outweighed by energy savings over time. You will also need trailer accessories, such as trailer jacks. Trailer jacks allow you to hook up your boat to a car so that you can transport it. Therefore, trailer jacks are essential. If you have a kayak, you might also want to look into kayak paddles, as these are essential.

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