Pre Tension vs. Post Tension Concrete


A lot of people wonder about the possibility of no-crack concrete. While there is a lot of debate surrounding the topic, the truth is that it is possible to have high-quality concrete without cracks. The attached video explains the differences between pre tension and post tension concrete.

Pre tension concrete is reinforced by steel wires before the concrete is poured. The tensioning process helps to minimize cracks and gives the concrete a high strength.

Video Source

The major advantage is that it reduces shrinkage as the concrete cures. Pre tension concrete is typically used in small structural buildings.

Post tension concrete is made when the strands are placed in a duct and pulled after the concrete strengthens. The strands are tightened to form a strong bond between the concrete and the steel. This is the method of choice for many large concrete structures, such as bridges and buildings.

Pre tensioning is cost-effective and efficient. This is the reason it’s popular in the construction industry. Post tension is the more expensive option. However, it’s also more efficient and stronger.

There are many benefits to both types of concrete, and they are equally beneficial. It comes down to the type of structure and the budget that the contractor has in mind.


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