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Philadelphia electricians can help you to keep your home’s electrical systems running smoothly. Thomas Edison created the first viable light bulb in the second half of the nineteenth century, and the first strand of Christmas lights in 1880. Water has been used to create electricity since 1882. The Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge were some of the first major public works to use electricity, and they stated in 1886. If someone ever figures out how to harness lightning, a single strike could power 200,000 homes. Since then, electricity has come to take over our lives and to run most of the machines in them. Philadelphia electricians can help you to keep your home’s electrical system running safely and efficiently so that you can keep your life running.

Almost 95% of a the electricity delivered to a normal light bulb is wasted as heat energy, rather than converted to light. Fireflies and some deep sea squids are actually more efficient at biologically converting energy into lighting. Because of this, if you want to save on your electricity bill or carbon footprint, installing new, very efficient bulbs, like compact fluorescent and LED bulbs, can seriously reduce your energy consumption. Residential electricians can help you to find ideas like these for running a more electrically efficient home.

Philadelphia electricians can help you to repair and to install normal home electrical systems and can help you to troubleshoot any problems that you may be having with them. If you are building or making a major change to a home, electrician contractors can be hired to do the electrical work for you. Some projects are easier to do in a DIY manner than others, and electrical work is unsafe, if not illegal to do without a license, on your own. However, Philadelphia electricians can help you by doing the electrical work that your home needs so that you do not have to.

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