Offset Versus Digital Printing


Promotional printing

Technology can help us do a great many things that used to be impossible. The computing power today would be unimaginable fifty years ago, and words like “exabyte” and “teraflop” are only now finding their way into the vernacular. The digital age is well underway, and we are fortunate to benefit from its advances.

But “digital” is not always synonymous with “better”. There are some aspects of business and life, such as audio work, film recording, and graphic design, all of which spark heated debates on digital vs analog. Take, for instance, the promotional printing industry. Offset vs digital printing is a classic example of modern technology advancing our capabilities, but perhaps leaving something to be desired in quality of the finished product.

If one needs quick printing services, then digital is the easy winner, providing on demand output from a variety of sources, controllable from an even wider variety of devices. But that speed necessarily sacrifices some quality, which offset printing can provide. Since its invention, offset printing has been an incredibly popular method for mass production of materials, providing high volume output with customizable quality levels. While promotional printing with an offset printer can not compete with the volume of a digital service, the output is still large enough to perhaps find a happy medium between quality and quantity.

Whatever your promotional printing needs, whether you need to make brochures and postcards or banners and posters, investigate the pros and cons of printing your materials with the offset method or the digital method. Each job may have a slightly different focus… last minute jobs may require the speed of digital, while less time sensitive showpieces might necessitate a more analog approach for just the right look. Know your options, and choose accordingly, and you can always be assured of a great finished product.

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