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Wedding photographer minneapolis

Wedding photography as we know it has only been around for a little over 150 years. Over the years it has evolved, entering the realm of color in the early 1900s and gradually adopting a “documentary” approach to the photography around the 1970s. These days, wedding photography is an expected and much anticipated part of nearly every wedding service. And the Land of 10,000 Lakes is no exception.

Minneapolis wedding photographers as well as Minnesota wedding photographers around the state know that weddings are a special time for Minnesotans. After a long winter and an often reluctant spring, the arrival of summer is a joyous occasion in and of itself, even without a wedding to celebrate. But when two people decide to take advantage of the “wedding season”, the celebration is all the more exuberant.

The Twin Cities are known for their parks, so outdoor venues for weddings are not hard to come by. Professional Minneapolis wedding photographers are always prepared for natural lighting challenges, as well as the transitions from indoor ceremonies to outdoor receptions, and vice versa. No matter the location, every desired shot can be checked off the list, whether exchanging the rings inside a chapel, stepping out the church doors into the sunlight, or cutting the cake in the twilight hours.

When choosing a wedding photographer Minneapolis newlyweds will often ask for advice on locations to shoot. Minneapolis offers many picturesque and famous locales, from the Cherry Spoon Bridge in the Sculpture Garden to the vibrant scene in Uptown to the natural beauty of Lake of the Isles. Location shots are becoming more and more popular, even if the actual wedding venue is elsewhere, so that couples can feature the city they love in their special day.

A quick Internet search can show you some of the finest wedding photographers Minneapolis has to offer, in every price range. Be sure to ask about special services, such as photo albums, unique frames, and location shoots. Just name the date and be sure to include your list of “must have” shots. Nearly every Minneapolis wedding photographer utilizes the latest digital technology, with virtually no limit on the amount of shots they can take, so the best moments are sure to be captured, to be treasured forever and ever.

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