Make Sure You Comply with OSHA Lockout Tagout Procedures


Preventative maintenance

Are you familiar with Osha lockout tagout? OSHA lockout tagout compliance is necessary to ensure both workplace safety and an avoidance of heavy fines. Working with energy can be a hazardous trade, and this includes energy sources such as thermal, pneumatic, chemical, hydraulic, and mechanical. Injuries as a result of not properly containing hazardous energy during routine maintenance activities can be serious, or even fatal.

For companies that specialize in providing energy maintenance, it is necessary that all employees understand lock out tag out procedure, and receive lockout tagout training. Proper lock out tag out usually involves placing locks over energy controllers that are being worked on during maintenance. If there are multiple employees, they will all need to place their personal locks on the tag out device, and tag out only occurs after the last person has removed their tag. If someone forgets and leaves their lock, procedure dictates depending on circumstance that either a supervisor has to remove it, or the individual actually has to come back to the site and remove it. This ensures that each person has signed off on the safety of the project and no one is misunderstanding the components of the site that someone else is working on.

Several companies offer lockout tagout software in order to help companies comply with the OSHA lockout tagout rules. They can also do confined space training, which is a necessary thing to know for people working with high levels of energy, since it often involves accessing areas via confined spaces such as underground vaults, storage tanks, or sewers. Rescue is sometimes necessary.

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