Luxury Homes on the Range in Wyoming


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There is only one public auction of elk antlers in the world. It is held on the town square in Jackson, Wyoming in May of each year. The antlers, which have been shed by the elk on the national elk refuge, are collected by local boy scouts.

The area is known for much more than antlers. Located in a scenic mountain valley, there has been an increase in the number of people seeking Jackson hole homes for sale or for rent. With Yellowstone National Park nearby, and the beautiful mountain views, Jackson Wyoming real estate rentals are popular among tourists.

In 2011, the population of Jackson, WY was only 9,710. In 2012 Forbes list of the 400 wealthiest Americans included two of those Jackson residents. The state of Wyoming has the second lowest population density in the United States. There are only about 563,000 residents in the entire state.

Many of the Jackson hole homes for sale are high end, luxury homes. One reason Jackson Hole realtors are busy is that the tax burden to Wyoming residents is the second lowest in the country, according to the Wyoming Taxpayers Association. For those in the market for luxury, and a low state tax rate, there are many Jackson Hole homes for sale.

Some of the Jackson Hole property for sale is in the form of luxury log homes. These are not the small log cabins often found at camping sites. These are large, elegant high end log homes. Some have as many as five bedrooms, three bathrooms and include a three car garage.

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